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Calories in various wines and other alcoholic drinks

Friday, November 21st, 2008

The table below lists the approximate calories in an average (115ml or 4 oz) glass of wine.  Wine can contain up to 15% alcohol by volume and alcohol contains 7 calories per gram.  The more alcohol a wine contains the more calories, obviously.  For comparison, on average, the same 115ml of beer has 60 calories, light beer 35 calories and non-alcoholic beer 20 calories, but no one I know stops at 115ml.  Note that one gram of fat contains 9 calories and soda….forget it.  I think I initially switched to wine to lose weight, dry red of course.  Find more information on beer at:

Alcohol in Wine

Wine # Calories
Alcohol-free Wine 37 calories
Champagne 100 calories
Dry Red 83 calories
Dry White 77 calories
Rose 82 calories
Sparkling White 92 calories
Sweet White 103 calories

Alcohol in Fortified Wines

Fortified Wine # Calories
Bianco Vermouth 167 calories
Ginger Wine 190 calories
Martini Bianco 150 calories
Martini, Extra Dry 150 calories
Martini Rose 180 calories
Martini Rosso 192 calories
Port 170 calories
Sherry 140 calories

For comparison

Drink # Calories
Beer, 12oz 175 calories
Beer, light, 12oz 105 calories
Beer, non-alc, 12oz 60 calories
Cosmopolitan, 4oz 200 calories
Gin & Tonic, 7oz 200 calories
Long Is Ice Tea, 8oz 780 calories
Margarita, 8 oz 280 calories
Martini, 3oz 200 calories
Mojito, 8oz 215 calories
Rum & Coke, 8oz 185 calories
Vodka & Tonic, 8oz 200 calories